N49° Eyewear - Miscouche

030P - Gloss Black / Mottled Purple
032P - Blue / Dark Mottled Blue
033P - Gloss Black / Mottled Red Yellow Blue Beige
0389 - Gloss Black / Cream Black Tortoise
0839 - Gloss Black / Mottled Brown & Gold
N49° Miscouche - The Second Acadian National Convention was held in Miscouche in 1884, and was attended by approximately 5,000 Acadian delegates from across the Maritimes.

The Convention saw the adoption of nearly all Acadian national symbols, including the Acadian flag. Because Miscouche hosted this historic convention, it was chosen as the site for the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island.

The Museum serves as one of the seven sites of Museum & Heritage on Prince Edward Island.