N49° Eyewear - Inuvik

0671 - Black / Red
17A2 - Crystal / Black
83P9 - Black / Crystal Tortoise
299 - Black / Tortoise


N49° Eyewear


INUVIK is a town in the Northwest Territories of Canada, is the administrative centre for the Inuvik Region. Inuvik is both a Gwich'in and an Inuvialuit community. The community, like Aklavik, is located in both the Gwich'in Settlement Area and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

Inuvik was conceived in 1953 as a replacement administrative centre for the hamlet of Aklavik on the west of the Mackenzie Delta, as the latter was prone to flooding and had no room for expansion. Initially called "New Aklavik", it was renamed Inuvik in 1958. The school was built in 1959 and the hospital, government offices and staff residences in 1960, when people, including Inuvialuit, Gwich’in (Dene) and Métis, began to live in the community.

Inuvik's Our Lady of Victory Church, often called Igloo Church, is a famous landmark in the region. It is the most-photographed building in the town.

Inuvik has North America's northernmost mosque, which opened in November 2010 after being built in Winnipeg and moved 4,000 km (2,500 mi) by truck and barge.