N49° Eyewear - Moose Jaw

175 - Dark Brown / Green Backed
972 - Gloss Black / Crystal
29 - Crystal Grey / Gloss Black
113 - Tortoise / Yellow / Orange
90 - Gloss Black
Moose Jaw
Moose Jaw Marked on a map as Moose Jaw Bone Creek in an 1857 survey by surveyor John Palliser, two theories exist as to how the city got its name.

The first is it comes from the Plains Cree name moscâstani-sîpiy meaning "a warm place by the river", indicative of the protection from the weather the Coteau range provides to the river valley containing the city and also the Plains Cree word moose gaw, meaning warm breezes.

The other is on the map of the city, the Moose Jaw River is shaped like a moose's jaw.