N49° Eyewear - Mount Royal


O69 - Multi Blue Gradient With Black Temples
002P - Slate Grey / Silver
379 - Ivory With Black Temples
003P - Navy
90 - Black
006P - Deep Burgundy


N49° Eyewear


MOUNT ROYAL an affluent suburban island town located on the northwest side of Mount Royal of the same name, in southwest Quebec, Canada . According to the 2021 Canadian Census, the population was 20,953 .In 2008, much of Mount Royal was designated a National Historic Landmark of Canada for its early 20th century urban renewal, reflecting the influence of the "Beautiful City", "Garden City" and "Garden Suburb" movements.In 2012, the city celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The city of Mount Royal, was founded in 1912. The city was designed by Frederick Todd , a planner who incorporated many aspects of the Garden City movement, as well as some elements of the earlier Beautiful City movement, into his design.

In the beginning, the town was a small farming community known for its melons. The Daoust family farm grew the famous Montreal melon, also called the Montreal Muscat melon. The melons, with their green flesh and unique flavor, weighed as much as 9 or 11 kilograms. The Montreal melon was so special that it was exported to New York, Chicago and Boston where, in 1921, people paid $1.50 a piece to try it. Over the years, farming was abandoned with the gradual urbanization of the city.