N49° Eyewear - Pefferlaw


319 - Red Blue Crystal Tortoise / Black Temples
11B - Camo Tortoise
2R3 - Crystal / Red Temples
90 - Gloss Black
18 - Violet Tortoise


N49° Eyewear


PEFFERLAW is a community in the city of Georgina, located 3 km south of the southeastern shore of Lake Simcoe. Population: about 3,000 people (2005 estimate).

Pefferlaw is mostly located in the forest. Agricultural land is located to the west, northwest, and north. More farmland is east of Lake Ridge Road and Pefferlaw. The forests are almost connected to the forests south of Sutton. Forests cover much of the area around Pefferlaw and to the south with some farmland and within the shoreline of Lake Simcoe. The forests consist mostly of pine and other tree species, range in size from 600 to 700 square miles, and make up about 80% of the area around Pefferlaw.