N49° Eyewear - Zephyr

111 - Tortoise / Cream
919 - Black / Tortoise
FF5 - Black / Mauve
033P - Gloss Black / Mottled Red Yellow Blue Beige
389 - Gloss Black / Cream Black Tortoise


N49° Eyewear


ZEPHYR located on the stunning Oak Ridges Moraine, this sleepy Ontario farming village became a railway town in 1877 on the Lake Simcoe Junction Railway, and a station was erected.

In the early years, it was primarily a logging town. Pine forests lie to the south, the west, the east and the north and dominate most of Zephyr. Farmland covers the remainder. Several minor streams run in and around the village.

To the delight of residents, the population has not changed over the years, and is currently between 400 and 500. Today, Zephyr's biggest attraction is its golf course Lockwood Golf Club...It's a nice 9 hole course for beginners.